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Winner of the freaky imagine contest.. o.o


Y/n is chilling watching her favorite TV show, while Princeton is taking a shower.

Prince: *Comes out of shower*

Y/n: *Watches TV ignoring his entrance into the room*

Prince: “Mami??”

Y/n: *Ignores him*

Prince: “Y/n??” *Let’s towel fall to the ground*

Y/n: *Stares at him* O.O

Prince: “Mami??”

Y/n: *Shakes head and looks back at the TV*

Prince: *Climbs onto the bed naked* “Mami??” *Stands in front of y/n with arms crossed.. harvard is hanging out in her face*

Y/n: *Closes eyes*

Prince: “Why are you ignoring me??”

Y/n: “Get of my face!” *Tries to push him away without smiling*

Prince: “Please, mami… Can’t you tend it??”

Y/n: “I.. I don’t feel like it…”

Prince: “Are you sure??” *Starts kissing y/n’s neck*

Y/n: “I don’t want t… I hate you, Prince..” *Kisses him*

Prince: *Smiles* “There ya go mami!!”

Y/n: “All righty… Here we go again..” 

Prince: *Removes y/n’s clothes while kissing her whole body* “You ready for papa??”

Y/n: “I am… indeedy!!” *phone rings*

Prince: “NOT NOW!!!!!!!”

Y/n: “Let me get it..”

Prince: “Do you have to??”

Y/n: “Yes!!”

Prince: *Nods and awaits*

Y/n: *Dives for the phone*

Prince: *Puts music on*

Y/n: “Hello??” 

Y/n: “Oh hey, Roc.. Prince, turn it down!!”

Prince: “Oh it’s Roc…” *Walks over takes the phone from Y/n* “Roc, whatever it is you want, it ain’t more important than what I’m about to do.. so.. what do you mean, you’re more important than anything… nigga, I’m about bout to get some pussy now if you don’t mind…” *hangs up*

Y/n: “Did you have to be that rude to him, Prince??”

Prince: “I wasn’t rude, it’s bros tlk… plus, Roc understands… If you know what I mean..”

Y/n: “Ohh..”

Prince: *Picks y/n up and pins her to the wall, slides it in nice and slowly* “You feel that, mami??” *Smiles*

Y/n: “Moans softly and bites bottom lip* “Ohh Prince..”

Prince: *Bites y/n’s neck and grinds slowly to the beat of the music in the background*

Y/n: *Wraps legs around Prince*

Prince: “Let me take you down..” *Singing along with the music as he starts to grind faster*

Y/n: *Starts digging nails on Prince’s back*

Prince: *Moans to the feeling of y/n’s nails on his back and picks her from the wall and throws her on the bed* “You just made papi a little bit angry… Ya ready for daddy??”*

Y/n: “Prince…”

Prince: *Starts thrusting fast*


Prince: *Thusts faster and rubs your below*

Y/n: *Moans*

Prince: *Stops, takes it off, throws you in bed and laughs as he throws himself at y/n and goes in hard*

Y/n: *Groans and bites princeton’s neck*

Prince: *Thrusts faster and faster and smiles* “Whose is it??”

Y/n: *Moans* “Yours!!!!!!!”

Prince: “And what’s my name??”

Y/n: “Prince!!!!!!”

Prince: “I can’t hear ya, baby!!!!!”

Y/n: “PRINCETON!!!!!”

Both y/n and Prince start reaching climax, they’re both moaning, Prince is going faster and faster and y/n can’t stop screaming Princeton’s name.

Prince: *Sights as he gets off y/n*

Y/n: *Stands up and pushes Prince on the bed* “Now it’s my turn!!”

Prince: “Ohh.. I like the sound of that..”

Y/n: *Climbs on top of Prince, and starts riding it slowly*

Prince: *Rolls eyes with pleasure and moans*

Y/n: *Bites bottom lip and smiles as she sees that Prince is enjoying it* “Am I pleasing ya, pappi??”

Prince: *Smiles and bites bottom lip* “Ohh…” *Nods* “Yeahh y/n!!!!!!!!!!”

Y/n: *Leans over and kisses Prince, bites Prince’s bottom lip and scratches his chest* “You’re wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” *Starts riding it faster*

Prince: “Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!! BABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Y/n: *Finally gives in by falling besides Prince*

Prince: *Is about to climb on top of y/n*

Y/n: *Stops Prince* “Papi, no… You got me breathless, don’t wanna give ya mami a heart attack??”

Prince: “All right..” *Prince whispers and turns sides ways to look at y/n, he traces y/n’s nipple with his index finger* “Well… then can we..”

Y/n: “Yes. You can go call Roc and apologize for earlier…”

Prince: “All righty then…” *Gets phone*

Y/n: “I love ya..”

Prince: “Trust me, I love you more..” *Smiles and heads to call Roc*


-Aida ;)

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